COVID-19 Veteran Support Application

COVID-19 Check-in: A Call to Action

Real-time socially-distanced patient information for healthcare providers

COVID-19 Check-in captures real-time data on patient symptoms, emotional well-being, patient compliance, and geolocation. This data, when correlated with hospital and provider locations, bed utilization, provider attendance, and local medical equipment and supply information allows provider networks to plan, resource, and deploy medical assets to the right location at the right time.

The key to conserving human and infrastructure capacity is pushing interaction away from the locus of activity

With COVID-19 and chronic diseases, a substantial impact on healthcare efficiency can be created by reducing treatment duplication, earlier detection and diagnoses, and improved treatment options. COVID-19 Check-in improves healthcare efficiency and outcomes by:


  • Empowering the patient with information to communicate and engage with healthcare providers
  • Increasing VA capacity by pulling those into the healthcare system based on severity and pushing those with less severe symptoms to alternative resources for care
  • Aiding in provider’s diagnosis and prognosis by creating easy to analyze reports

COVID-19 Check-in is a web and mobile software application that tracks how Veterans are feeling, symptom severity, and medications – on a daily basis over time.  COVID-19 Check-in allows the Veteran to present a more complete picture of their health status to their VA healthcare provider – in a visual, easy to read format.

Using our technology, Veterans and  caregivers are able to actively participate in their care, thereby reducing burden on VA’s healthcare system capacity.  COVID-19 Check-in provides real-time screening, monitoring, and routing of Veterans to the care that is most appropriate.

Shifting Veterans from care recipients to active members of their personal healthcare team leads to reduced anxiety, creates needed social distancing, and relieves burden on VA’s healthcare system.



COVID-19 Check-in informs and empowers patients to engage in successful partnerships with healthcare providers so VA can utilize the resources they have in the most efficient and effective way
Quarantined and limited mobility patients – whether because of a pandemic, chronic disease, or other incapacitation, face unique challenges: isolation, immobility, anxiety, fear, and loneliness. All of these issues can  contribute to health outcomes. COVID-19 Check-in has three primary objectives:


  • Minimize strain to current healthcare system by maximizing capacity to treat those most in need
  • Increase social distancing through use of technology to minimize the spread of the virus – flatten the curve
  • Provide tools to improve communications between the patient, healthcare providers, local resources, family, and friends.

View a demo of the statistics available through Check-in

Key Features


Capture and track all of the important data related to managing patient symptoms in the event that they are exposed or infected by COVID-19. COVID-19 Check-in makes it easy to capture information related to how they are feeling, unusual events, symptom severity, medication compliance, and appointments.


Manage patient symptoms for COVID-19 exposure. COVID-19 Check-in allows for video, pictures, or other support data to be collected and stored, offering the provider a complete view of  symptoms for diagnosis and management


Data presented in a visual format leads to new insights that enable better decision making. Helps you and your provider to understand whether or not to go to the hospital. COVID-19 Check-in visualizes your data over time making it easy for you and your doctor to have a more comprehensive understanding of your symptoms.


The COVID-19 Check-in app provides built-in and customizable reports and analytics that enable VA to understand, predict, and take decisive action to combat COVID-19.  Our highly dynamic, innovative, intuitive and evidence-based approach to reporting and analytics can help answer questions around VHA capacity to treat Veterans, the number of Veterans likely to be impacted by the virus, and geographies where additional resources may be required.  Automating data flow while incorporating use of advanced methods, such as Bayesian analysis, provides contextual depth to efficiently drive effective decision-making, whether at the tactical or strategic level.

The App

Apple iOS & Android

Tablets & Smartphones

Web Browser

My Day

The user interface was designed to be easy to use and help Veterans get through the administrative aspects of their days. From this one location, Veterans can update how they are feeling, the severity of their symptoms, special journal entries, and their follow up questions for their healthcare provider.

My Symptoms

Veterans can explore, input, and edit their health data, including symptom severity, on an easy to use mobile platform. They can identify a full set of symptoms by choosing from a pick list, then capture the severity in a few touches using a tailored list.  This data is mapped to the source standards used by EHRs (example Cerner).

My Reports

Once historical symptom and medication data is captured, Veterans can view visual reports to discover changes in their symptoms, check their compliance, and track their overall state of health over time.  These reports help Veterans decide when they need to contact a doctor, and provide new patient-generated data to help doctors determine if they should come to the hospital.

My Notes

The journal feature helps Veterans capture unusual events or things they want to tell their doctors such as respiratory symptoms, what they have been eating, doing, or details on how they are feeling/mood. This helps them track these events over time and see how these events affect their overall COVID status. It also helps Veterans remember the things they wanted to share during provider visits.

My Appointments

Veterans can track their symptoms, set up status reports and questions pre-appointment, and enter notes in real time integrating the capture of information into checkup removes a significant amount of stress and enhances quality.

My Medications

Veterans can easily add their prescription information by selecting the medication that matches their prescription label, and set reminders for taking medication.

Customizable to Your Requirements

COVID-19 Check-in is built to be easily modified for your specific needs. Symptoms, communication pathways and modalities, local and national resources, alerts, and more can be modified and enhanced to support your patient population.

COVID-19 Check-in is the solution for chronic disease, infirmed, and quarantined patient management.

  • COVID-19
  • Diabetes
  • PTSD

About the COVID-19 Checkin Team

COVID-19 Check-in is exclusively licensed and distributed by Inocula, LLC, a VA-verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

COVID-19 Check-in  is built by world class healthcare and software leaders:

  • Dr. Mahek Shah – Chief Medical Officer. Former Director and senior researcher for value-based care at Harvard Business School
  • Thomas Davidson – Chief Technology  Officer. Former CTO and Executive Vice President of Synchron Advanced Technologies, Inc.
  • Roger Drye – President. Former Program Manager for Vista Evolution and Chief Business Officer for VA EHR Modernization

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VA deployment costs includes 1 year COVID-19 Check-in product licensing for up to 100,000 users.

Year 2 – 5 licensing is $7 per user (100,000 user minimum)